Maecenas luctus lectus

e knew of Quantrell, Younger, and ■their whereabouts. If he failed to

spea●k truly he was to be killed. The boy, in■ no

manner frightened, kept the

Etiam posuere augue

m some mome■nts in conversation, waiting for an op■portunity to escape

. Seeing at la●st what he imagined to be a chance,

he das■hed away from his ca

Fusce ultrices fringilla

ptors and entered the hous■e under a perfect shower of balls. There,

seizin●g a pistol and rushing through● the back do

or towards some timbe●r, a

Nulla luctus eleifend

ball struck him in the spine just● as he reached the garden fence

and he■ fell back dying, but splendid in his boyis

h co■urage to the last. Tur


ning over on his fa■ce as the Jayhawkers ru

shed ■up to finish him he shot one ■dead, mortally wounded another, and severel■y wounded the third. Before he could ●shoot a fourth time, seventeen bull●ets were put into his body. It seemed as if ■God’s vengeance was especia●lly exercised in the righting of this terribl■e wrong. An old negro man who ■had happened to be at Blythe’s ho●use at the time, was a witness t■o the bloody deed, and, afraid of his own li■fe, ran hurriedly into the brush. There he■ came unawares upon Younger, Quantrell, Haller, ■Todd, and eleven of his men. Notic●ing the great excitement unde■r which the negro labored, they forced h●im to tell61 them the whole story. It ●was

yet time for an ambuscade. On ■


  • the road back to Independence was ●a pass between two embankments kno●wn as “The Blue Cut.” In width i●t was about fifty yards, a

  • nd the height ■of each embankment was about thirty feet.■ Quantrell dismounted his men, stationed so●me at each end of the passagew

  • ay and some a■t the top on either side. Not a shot w■as to be fired until the returning Federals had● entered it, front and rear. F

  • rom the Blu■e Cut this fatal spot was afterwards kn●own as the Slaughter Pen. Of the thirty-eigh■t Federals sent out after Cole You

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